Crack is fun not drugs. Finnicky is a town.

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      "They're awful good crack", one of the interns says about someone she's describing. I stare at her in blank oblivion. Cocaine? A giant sea monster? Short for the Kraken? Are they going to eat me? Will I get high from being with them? This is but one of the many adjectives that have left me completely bewildered in my wee two days in Ireland. But today, at last, I was able to stumble them. I briefly mentioned, in regard to sandwiches, that I wasn't finicky, which managed to elicit at least five good stares of shock and confusion. "Finicky? You mean like the town?" Yes, that's right, my fellow Americans, Finicky is a town apparently filled with very picky people.
     Today was orientation day for the three new interns. Altogether there are five of us and the house we're living in is aptly named "The Embassy". The first person I met, who works mainly with the students, and is finishing up her degree at a Bible school, is Ashleigh Shanks. Ashleigh describes herself as ginger Irish. She is about 5'3", with honey, blond hair and a Northern Irish, though non-Belfast, accent. Apparently, the Belfast accent is universally frowned upon as harsh on the ear. Don't ask me; I can hardly tell the difference. Ashleigh is from a town a little bit north of Belfast and has been here for a year already.
      Next, we have Frank. Sometime, I will write his full name here, because it is four names long, as in Spain they use both the mother's and father's surnames. As you may have guessed, Frank is Spanish! Frank looks like the Spanish version of Johnny Depp and has the misfortune of living directly above this soprano. (Looks like I'll be practicing in the church! lol).
      We also have Alan, who is Northern Irish and a ginger, too ;). He is studying to be a children's nurse and seems to be most congenial. (Just met him today).
      Then there's Dan Brown, who is the only other American in the house, but who is away in the States currently. Anyway, we are quite the culturally confused lot, but are having a "grand" time of it so far.
      As you might expect, I'm already picking up the accent, whether I like it or not.  I need to learn to drink more tea, as Frank and I are the only ones who always ask for coffee! Tonight we're going to a BBQ. I hear they're quite the thing here. Who knew?! They're threatening to fatten me up this year with all of their events and fabulous desserts, but I am bound and determined not to become terrible beasty, although rolling me across the ocean would undoubtedly be a cheaper way home! Hope you all are, well, grand. Keep you posted on our upcoming adventures in Donegal!


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