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      Suddenly I hear screaming in the kitchen. Frank has found the roast chicken. "Dees chicken, dees bird....when did she get here? Where did she come from?!" (Don't judge. We're college age and we get really excited about unexpected food.) "Thees ees amazin'! Is this real life?! I can't beeleeve thees! I am going to eat and eat and eat like a seener! SEEENER!!! Cheecken!!!! AHH!!!!!!"
     Thus begins a typical day at the Embassy. If you met Francisco Jose Jimenez Calles on the street you would probably think he was a typical college-age, band guy and, in many ways, you'd be right. However, once Francisco Jose Jimenez Calles opens his mouth, you would be very surprised to find the strongest Northern Irish/Spanish accent you've ever heard in your life. Albeit, I have not heard any other Norn Irish/Spanish accent before, but this one most definitely takes the cake. Frank has been living in Ireland since the beginning of the year in an area known for having some of the thickest accents around. Frank not only picked up some Leprechaun, he has also managed to incorporate every Irish saying imaginable, and can often be found wandering around muttering, "dat's bad banter or dis is bad craik".
     Frank is hilarious and instantly adored by everyone he meets. In the spirit of the camaraderie one finds with Frank, some of us, (alright, Alan and I), nicknamed him Franco. A few days after we started calling him this, we found out that his mother was very upset about Frank's new nickname. Apparently, Frank's family were some of the many people who suffered under the rule of that infamous, Spanish dictator, Franco. During the height of Franko's tyranny, Frank's family was near starving. In order to remedy the situation, Frank's great uncle stole a chicken to feed the family. He was found out and immediately thrown in prison. (Perhaps this explains some of Frank's excitement about the surprise chicken in the fridge). This sparked an international controversy and made Frank's great uncle a very famous man. Numerous movies have been made about him and the family name is one of great renown in Spain. Needless to say we chose a rather unfortunate nickname and the cultural faux pas continue.

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  1. So would Francis be better, as in St. Francis, or is that too Italian? Reminds me of my favorite movie...Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Anyone call you Rach yet?


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