What's the Craic?

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   Now, you may remember a few blogs back when I talked about some of the Nirish-isms that may throw just about everyone but the Nirish off. The first day I walked into the Embassy, I found a little book that has proved quite handy in understanding Norn Irish. So, here are some quotes and some insights of my own into this unspeakable language. I would recommend reading these aloud for the full effect.

Yer Ma- this is a Nirish take off of the atypical "your mom" joke commonly found in provincial USA.

Are Far wart Nevin- the opening words of the Lord's prayer.

Bap- as in "Use your bap", meaning "Think before you speak".

Cattle- container or device for heating water.

Cupola- as in "Gissa cupola pints", meaning "Two pints when you have a minute"

Flay- wingless, bloodsucking insect

Banter- To speak with, also used in reference to good times being had.

Man flu- a type of flu known typically to only those of the male gender, generally felt to be untreatable, though seemingly, evincing large amounts of pain and suffering.

Ha- as in "See ya at ha fate", meaning " I will meet you at half past eight".

Ya got a bake on ya like a mango- You have a beak on you like a mango.

How's she cuttin'?- How are you doing?
Correct response: - Full to the blade!

Dead on- That's right, very good.

That's good banter- Good times.

What's the craic?- What's going on? or  How ya doing?

The craik is mighty (or ninety)- Also good times

*Much of these references are from the book "Yer Ma's Guide to Norn Irish"

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  1. You forgot "wee" as in small, tiny, or just because you feel like making it an adjective to any noun, as in 'wee boy, wee book, wee babe in a manger"?


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