The Heiress of Winterwood (Book Review)

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   As a confession, I am a novelholic. Period dramas in particular catch my eye, so when I saw The Heiress of Winterwood on, I thought I'd give it a whirl.THOW (As I will now abbreviate it,) follows the journey of a, yes, you guessed it, young heiress in what I assume to be Victorian England. Our beautiful and filthy rich main character, Amelia, finds herself in the rather ticklish situation of being the adoptive mother of an orphan child, and engaged to a man who despises the existence of said child. Furthermore, there is a will stating if she is not married by her 24th birthday, (which just so happens to be in 2 months!) she will not receive one penny of her promised inheritance. Enter scene baby's devilishly handsome father who just so happens to also be a captain in the British navy. Aside from the obvious triangle dilemma, Amelia is also faced with the welfare of a child she has come to call her own. The only question remaining, what will she do next? 
    To be honest, the entire plot though entertaining as a whole, seemed a bit contrived. As Amelia begins to fall for the dashing and convenient option of the officer, she throws herself at his mercy in a way that doesn't quite seem to fit the proprieties of the time. Adding to that, her cousins flirtations with Amelia's current fiancee seem hardly likely concerning the station of the lady. I must say THOW did have quite a riveting speed, with hardly a dull moment in regard to misadventures and mishaps. However, I'd hardly call this a match to a Jane Austen novel. I carried throughout the book the feeling that the author had not only probably never been to England, she was also most likely an American, like myself; both of which accusations may be false. I've hardly done the research to back up the claim. There was a general air of in-authenticity which I was a little disappointed with. THOW is a fun read for a quite, rainy day, and though not something I'd read a second or third time, it is a page turner and worth a go if you're as much an addict of a period novel as I!

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